Update of new Coronavirus in Hong Kong and China 2020 – COVID-19

UPDATE 17/02/2020

Latest information from our agent Ensign Freight Ltd,

Ensign office – All of the offices have staff that work from home or at the offices to clear up the outstanding paperwork and check suppliers’ shipment plan.

Suppliers – More suppliers are able to bring some of their office staff back to work and they are busy dealing with shipping plans. They expect the factory workers to be back after quarantine at end of February, to start productions.

Vendors – The truckers are waiting for their drivers to come back, except in Shanghai. In Shanghai, truckers are allowed to apply special permit with government for those drivers who has not been to sensitive provinces the last 14 days. If they are successful, they will get more manpower in this market.  The other provinces do not have such scheme yet.

Hopefully, most of the operations/shipping people can be resumed dramatically this week, expected to be full team next week. We are seeing light from the dark.